Moving consumers

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Documents to be presented by consumers moving from another office.

  • Identity card of the person.
  • Identity Card, updated by the address of the dwelling where the registration is going to take place, of all the components of the nucleus.
  • Form No. 6 of deleting from the Oficoda where it caused deletion.
  • Food products notebook, if it is a recognition of nucleus by domicile changing.
  • Any document that proves the legal occupation of the dwelling, in the name of the person applying to be head of the nucleus, issued by the Housing Institute and Notaries.
  • If the document of the legality of the dwelling is in the name of a minor under 16 years old, the document that accredits the applicant as guardian of the minor must also be presented, as well as the Identity Card of the said guardian updated by the address of the dwelling of which the minor is the owner.
  • Stamp of $5.00.